Did it exist before the Internet?

I admit, my sexual experiences are pretty limited. I love sex, I love the sweat and the tastes and the sensations but I had no idea that people were into so many different things….

There are several terms that I have had to Google, just to find out what they were, but that’s OK because it’s fine not to know everything isn’t it?

What I didn’t expect to do though was to find myself having a fairly unhealthy interest in researching some of the fantasies that I have been faced with over the past few weeks.

My particular curiosity at the moment is a fetish with armpits. Specifically armpit hair. I don’t get it, at all. It’s frustrating in a way because I would love to ask these men what the deal is, but the chance of me coming across them again in the ocean of lonely, frustrated, gullible men is slim.

Maybe it’s a contradiction, after all, I am partial to a man with hair, but it doesn’t turn me on. It’s just something I like. I like men with no hair too. I just like men.

I wonder if some ideas and desires are imparted just from people googling? Like when you start watching funny videos on YouTube and somehow, an hour later you find that it’s suggesting you listen to frightening 911 calls.

Maybe the Internet is like a fetish virus. One person has it and then before you know it there is a community of men who love armpit hair. I don’t understand it but who am I to judge?



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