The other woman.

As I’ve said before, a reasonable amount of the men I write to are in relationships. It’s not my first visit into the world of being ‘the other woman’. I’ve done it before, in real life and to be honest it’s been on the whole pretty easy, noone found out and the only person who got hurt was me, just the once, after I fell in love.

The day that a wife wrote to me via her husbands account was heartbreaking. I couldn’t tell her that it was a scam, I couldn’t tell her that I had no intention of meeting her husband, I couldn’t tell her that I had no feelings whatsoever for the man that she shared her life with. Why? Because if she was messaging she was spending money on the site and every ambiguous reply she was given meant that more messages would be exchanged.

Funnily enough I’ve never felt guilty about having a bit of fun with the men who I have had affairs with, I don’t even see them as affairs. Most of those relationships averaged between 30 minutes to a couple of weeks. Only one has been long term and even now I don’t see it as an affair, we’re friends first and foremost and if anyone is going to get hurt it’ll be me, again.

But this lady, despite the fact that I had never written to her husband before, made me feel guilt like I have never felt and it wasn’t just for her relationship, it was because I was programmed to not tell her the truth.


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