Who wants to marry a millionaire?

Today I spoke to a man who claims to have won the lottery…..

He’s trying to use it to lure the ‘girl’ he’s talking to into meeting him except his story is probably as much of a figment of his imagination as the girl on the other side of the screen.

The men who use this service promise all sorts of things and if I’m being honest, if it was really me, I might be tempted by some of them. Some of these men are good looking guys, they are funny and smart and full of promises about ‘our’ future.

If this was Tinder I would have swiped right on more than one occasion, so I wonder why on earth are these men on this site where they’re constantly being told by whoever they’re talking to that they don’t feel ready to meet yet? Why do they continue with a fruitless exercise? 

Will lottery guy ever meet the love of his life? I hope he does and I hope he is smart enough one day to realise that what he’s involved in now is a scam. That would make him a real winner after all.



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