At least 50% of the men I speak to are in a relationship. They’re cheaters. But what happens when you come across a man who has declared his love for you and then, a few messages down the line you find he’s cheating on you with well, you?

This week I have sent messages from almost 500 ‘women’. Far less than I had plans to but sometimes you just have to do real life. 47 of those messages have been to the same man. He is actively cheating on my alter egos. Every single one of them.

I first discovered him quite soon into this journey. You see each man’s profile when you answer their messages, giving it a cursory glance to acquaint yourself before answering. I remember him in particular because he lives very close to me.

He isn’t married, or in a relationship, he says that anyway. He also tells every single one of these ‘women’ that they are the only one he’s speaking to. I must admit after seeing him and writing to him for the 7th or 8th time from a different persona on each occasion I began to feel jealous. How could he promise such wonderful things to all of them?

I wonder what he would do in the event that he could meet the people he’s talking to (he can’t of course because those people don’t actually exist). How would he juggle everything? I wonder if he will break, if he will say something to one person which was meant for another. Will he ever give up?

He’s not the only one. There’s the guy who copies and pastes the same messages to everyone. But this one stands out because actually he works hard. He writes a different message to each and every different ‘girl’. You have to admire his persistence and I do, despite his infidelity.


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